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Dr. Greg Shealey is the President of National Property Institute LLC, a general contracting and real estate company based in Lithonia, Georgia. He is also the founder of iQuick Tools, a mobile application technology firm that has developed multiple mobile applications on both the Apple and Google platforms. 


Dr. Shealey is a man who lives and breathes business. A former college professor, Dr. Shealey began his entrepreneurial career as a residential real estate investor. His management of his own portfolio of properties blossomed into a business where he was not only building, rehabilitating and managing properties for private sector clients, but also serving as an asset manager for large State and Federal real estate projects.


From his extensive construction and real estate experience, he began his foray into the mobile app development industry.  Despite having no technical or computer technology background, Dr. Shealey began designing apps specifically for his own use in his construction and real estate business.  In fairly short order, those apps were being purchased by users all around the globe. iQuick Tools has developed well over 30 apps, including social and game apps.


Dr. Shealey is also an author and business community leader. In his book, The App Millionaire: How to Make “Sleep Money” with a Micro-Business, Dr. Shealey exposes his business philosophies – ones that he has applied in operating and developing companies.,


Dr. Shealey is an participant in the Atlanta Metropolitan business and social community as, among other things, the founder of Business Minds of Georgia, an Atlanta-based entrepreneurial think tank, and a volunteer for local youth educational competitions.


Dr. Shealey holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Georgia State University, a Master’s Degree in Biomechanics from Illinois State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi.  Dr. Shealey resides in Lithonia, Georgia and has two beautiful daughters. 

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